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Q&A with Daniel Gonzaga from Natura

Q. You will talk about combining science and traditional knowledge for sustainable cosmetics products. So, what we should expect from this presentation? 

The combination provides a unique opportunity to generate value for the cosmetic industry as well as social impact for the communities that own the knowledge. Natura has developed many proprietary ingredients together with traditional communities in the Amazonian region, its main source of inspiration for innovation. 

We will share some examples where advanced science validated and confirmed the benefits known by the traditional communities.

Q. How is Natura UK working towards sustainability in cosmetics?

Natura has a clear sustainability vision to become “impact positive” by 2050.  We also have 2020 goals to guarantee the vision can be achieved: I will share those goals in terms of usage of renewabke packaging , ingredients and social impact 

Q. What are your drivers to attend the Sustainability & Naturals in Cosmetics Conference?

Share Natura’s experience and learn from other attendants. I would like to understand trends and drivers from other companies moving to natural / organic / vegan territory.