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Interview with Dr Frédérique Lafosse from Givaudan

Dr Frédérique Lafosse, Head of Strategic Projects - Active Beauty chez at Givaudan, will be presenting on Exploring the criteria to identify sustainable ingredients at Sustainability & Naturals in Cosmetics this May in Barcelona. Speaking to us ahead of the conference, we find out her views on how the cosmetics industry is being affected by sustainability and what consumers are looking for.

Q. You will talk about exploring the criteria to identify sustainable ingredients. So, how can brands approach sustainable principles?

Most importantly, brands should be fair and transparent as much as possible. Dealing with sustainable development is not an overnight switch with immediate results. It’s a long journey, a matter of understanding, knowledge and mindset. In that respect, brands have to act with fair communication on their own contribution to sustainability. Given the awareness of consumers nowadays and the virality of misleading information thru social networks, overpromising may lead consumers to move away…

Q. How is the cosmetics industry facing challenges with respect to sustainability?

As for every industry, it has to do with changes in habits and processes. The sustainability criteria should be considered at the early stage of any new product development. The current business and all its attributes like manufacturing processes, distribution channels, and sourcing supply chain should also be reviewed in the light of these new expectations. The difficulty is to find the right way to operate without compromising the quality, safety and economics.

Q. What are consumers looking in terms of innovation in formulations?

Consumers love to discover new textures and experience new sensations. Combining those with proven efficacy and naturality is a real plus.

Q. How is Givaudan working towards sustainability in cosmetics?

At Givaudan, our sustainability approach covers all aspects of our business, as we partner internally and externally to meet needs today and define what’s next. We built up this approach on three main pillars:

  • Sourcing for shared value
  • Innovating responsibly
  • Acting for our environment

Q. Could you give us a sneak peek of what you will be sharing in your presentation?

Sustainability is at the heart of Givaudan’s core values. It’s thoughtfully implemented in various aspects in the business which also supports the brands we partner with.From a bio-refinery model to bio-sourced cosmetic ingredients, from sourcing at origin to health and well-being, we approach sustainability with conviction and concrete actions resulting in a forward-looking and dynamic journey which I am thrilled to share with you.