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Exclusive Interview with Francis Blake from COSMOS-standard AISBL

Ahead of the inaugural Sustainability & Naturals in Cosmetics conference this May, we caught up with Francis Blake from COSMOS-standard AISBL on the importance of sustainability.

Q. You will talk about private and international regulations in natural and green cosmetics, what we should expect from this panel discussion?

First, we should expect a brief summary of the various national regulations, international guidelines and ‘private’ initiatives (though I prefer to call them ‘public service’ initiatives) that are relevant in this area.  Then, I will look forward to a good discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches that delegates may wish to consider, so they are better able to make informed decisions about how to take their plans forward.

Q. How the cosmetics industry is facing challenges with respect to sustainability?

Sustainability has an increasing importance for companies.  It may seem like this is just about altruism, or to be seen to be doing the right thing.  However, it is also of critical importance for selfish reasons, to ensure their own long term viability in terms of supplies, resource use, etc, and to ensure they maintain the loyalty of their customers who are increasingly demanding this of the brands they support.  Interestingly, companies that have addressed their own sustainability have found that it is also financially beneficial.  Win, win, win!

Q. What is the value of certification standards in natural cosmetics?

Certification standards provide a ready-made package covering significant  sustainability elements which have the added advantage of independent verification and therefore which consumers trust.  

Q. What are the top 3 trends with regard to innovation in formations in natural and organic cosmetics?

More use of green chemistry, more organic ingredients, more functionality using natural ingredients.

Q. How COSMOS-standard AISBL is helping brands to work towards sustainability in cosmetics?

By means of all of the above.