2018 Speakers

  • Jan Kusmirek

    General Consultancy Genera and Fragrant Earth (Elemis Ltd, Nude Skincare and Kanebo)

    Jan Kusmirek has had a varied career associated with Green Issues. He was Marketing Manager at the Soil Association, introducing the symbol scheme to cosmetic and health products. Campaigns have included acid rain, whole milk, water pollution and bio degradability. As an agricultural Co-Ordinator and manager in both industrial plastics and with a major co-operative he gained an understanding of livestock farming and horticulture introducing a number of novel practices.

    He trained as a Naturopath and Medical herbalist and his practice led him to specialise in skin conditions. His use of natural and naturally derived material led him to the creation of quasi medical products and eventually cosmetic design in association with Alban Muller International. The Origins brand was created followed by the ground breaking  Elemis brand, Nude Skincare and through his Genera Consultancy many other projects followed.

    The Fragrant Earth Company was founded by him to bring some reality and ethics into the supply chain of aromatic and natural materials. Knowing the extraction industry enabled his specialist company to find niche markets for artisan and organic production. Today the Company is a driving force in aromatherapy, natural perfumery and in creative orthodox fragrance serving a variety of sectors.

    • United Kingdom
  • Francis Blake

    Chief Advisor COSMOS-standard AISBL

    After graduating with an Agricultural and Forest Sciences degree from Oxford University, Francis set up and ran for 10 years his own organic farm and fresh produce wholesale business in Somerset, where he still lives – the farmyard is now converted into 18 small business units. 

    He wrote Organic Farming and Growing – a Guide to Management (Crowood Press) and founded the Organic Advisory Service in conjunction with Elm Farm Research Centre, serving as an advisor for 2 years. 

    In 1986 he joined Soil Association Certification as managing director. After 14 years, he moved into the parent charity as Soil Association standards director, responsible for all the organisation’s organic standards, including launching its Health & Beauty Standards in 2002.  In 2010, he took a step back, becoming (part time) policy advisor, and finally retired from the Soil Association in 2017.

    Francis was the founding president of the IFOAM EU Regional Group (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) since its formation in 2000 until 2009, and similarly of the COSMOS-standard AISBL from 2010 until October 2017.  He remains involved as chief advisor to COSMOS.   

    He is married to an acupuncturist and his hobbies include gardening, beekeeping, walking, learning the mandolin and he holds a black belt in Ki Aikido.

    • United Kingdom
  • Nathalie Calvel

    Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre Project Manager Institut de Recherche Pierre Fabre, representing PASS French competitiveness cluster

    Nathalie Calvel is a biological engineer (“Institut National des Sciences Appliquées-INSA” of Toulouse, France). She began her career as a study engineer then as a technical regulatory affairs engineer (food and environmental regulations) at Lesaffre international.

    Nathalie joined Pierre Fabre pharmaceutical Group in 2006. She was in charge of developing a R&D database on plants and plant-based active ingredients. Since 2011, she has been working as a Project Manager in charge of Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre, a process for the development of plant-based active ingredients from the research on plants and their key components to their culture, their extraction and the use of their extracts in the product formulas. Part of a virtuous circle, development is organized around four key principles : innovate, guarantee, preserve and respect. This process has been recognized by the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) European label granted by AFNOR. This certification assesses both quality and sustainability.

    Since 2016, she has been a member of the collective action of PASS French competitive cluster on sustainable supply chains. This action aims to develop tools needed to evaluate and optimize the environmental and social performance of ingredients. If the turning point of sustainable chemistry and responsible production are obvious, performance indicators must be defined. The complexity of the production chain makes this issue even more complex when it comes to plant extracts or raw materials from the living. Defined by 13 expert companies and the PASS cluster, sharing the values ​​of respect for the man, for the environment and for the biodiversity throughout the production chain, the sustainable green label ingredient reference system offers concrete answers to this crucial question.

    • France
  • Carmen Esteban Sanchidrian

    Technical and regulatory consultant Independent consultancy

    Consultant in the technical and regulatory areas of cosmetic products.

    On behalf of AENOR (Spanish regulatory body), Project leader of ISO Standard 16.128 "Technical Guidelines for ingredients Natural and Organic ingredients and products" developed within the ISO 217 Technical Committee, WG4.

    Previous experience:

    Technical Director of STANPA, National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics until January 2018.

    Director of Communication and Quality Assurance at SJC Johnson Spain, leading international company in cleaning and home care products.

    Teaching activity:

    - Professor at several Spanish Universities and academic institutions (University of Barcelona, ​​Polytechnic University of Valencia, CEU San Pablo University, CESIF).

     Development and delivery of training courses for the industry, in collaboration with STANPA and the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SEQC). Training courses for authorities and industry in South America.

    Academic background:

    Degree in Chemical Sciences - Biochemistry - Universidad Complutense - Madrid

    MBA - Instituto de Empresa (IE) - Madrid

    • Spain
  • Jo Chidley

    The 'Flounder' Beauty Kitchen

    Jo Chidley is the ‘Flounder’ of Beauty Kitchen, which creates natural, effective beauty products.

    Jo is a Chemist, Herbal Botanist, beekeeper and natural beauty products lover and is committed that Beauty Kitchen 100% makes a difference, from ensuring all products, not just the ingredients are sustainable as possible.

    • United Kingdom
  • Dr Òscar Expósito

    CEO & Co-founder Vytrus Biotech

    Dr Òscar  Expósito is the co-Founder, CEO and CSO of Vytrus Biotech since 2009. Vytrus is a company specialized in develop, produce and commercialize high added value active ingredients from the technology of plant cell cultures, for dermocosmetics.

    Dr   Expósito is a botanic biologist with a PhD in Plant Biotechnology, from the  Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Barcelona. He is the author of 12 scientific articles and 5 patent applications in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors, and has participated as a speaker in more than 30 national and International academic congresses.


    • 2004: Degree in Biology. Autonomous University of Barcelona. Specialty Botany and Ecology
    • 2005: Experimental Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences. University of Barcelona.
    • 2006: Master in Engineering and Management of Renewable Energies. IL3 University of Barcelona.
    • 2009: PhD in Plant Biotechnology. Faculty of Pharmacy. University of Barcelona.
    • Since 2009, CEO & Co-founder of the company Vytrus Biotech.



    Author of 12 scientific articles and 5 patent applications in cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.
    Participation as speaker in 30 national and International academic congresses.
    Professor in 7 Masters and Specialization Courses in Entrepreneurship in the Biotechnology field.
    Within the sector dermocosmetic sector, member of prestigious international associations such as SCS (Society of Cosmetic Scientists) or IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists).

    • Spain
  • Sven Gehrig

    Member of Cosmetic Safety and Information WALA Heilmittel GmbH (Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics)

    Sven Gehrig studied Food Chemistry at the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), which ended after a practical year at the CVUA (Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Agency) Karlsruhe in a degree as “Staatl. gepr. Lebensmittelchemiker” (State Certified Food Chemist). After different internships and Jobs – amongst other in the European Parliament and the Baden-Wuerttemberg State Bureau of Investigation – he now works in the field of Cosmetic Safety and Information at WALA Heilmittel GmbH for Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics. He is a member of the working group “Cosmetics” of the german Food Chemical Society and of the impartial scientific committee of NATRUE.

    • Germany
  • Daniel Gonzaga

    Innovation Director Natura

    Daniel Gonzaga is currently Innovation Director and has been in Natura since December 2004.

    He is responsible to foster innovation activities in Natura, strengthen the connections with Research Institutes, as well as develop strategies to identify new business opportunities, managing a portfolio of projects and technology acquisition to be applied in new products for Natura.

    Daniel Gonzaga is Brazilian and has built his career in several R&D roles.  Previously he had been Product Development Director and Managing Director of Peruvian Operation.

    Graduated in Food Engineering at Universidad Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), with MBA from Fundação Dom Cabral, he has 28 years of experience in innovation & business management, across different countries as Brazil, Holland and Peru.

    Before joining Natura, Daniel Gonzaga also played several roles in Research, Product Development and Innovation management for Unilever Foods in Latin America and Europe.

    • Brazil
  • Gerald A. Herrmann

    Director Organic Services GmbH

    Gerald A. Herrmann, an agricultural engineer, is a pioneer in the organic sector. He is a worldwide renowned specialist and organic industry expert and speaker. Since the 1980s, he has been engaged in developing the organic sector. He spent about two decades shaping Naturland e.V., an international farmers’ association and private organic certifier, as an organic farm consultant, its President and Executive Director. For close to 20 years, he also served voluntarily in different capacities at IFOAM – Organics International, including as its President. Today he is a partner and director of Organic Services GmbH, an international strategy- and management consultancy, specializing in the organic (food) sector, sustainability and development matters.

    Organic Services is a renowned expert for software-based audit and quality management systems. Examples include, besides several successful industry consultancies at national and international levels, »Check Organic«, a platform to combat fraud, and »Group Integrity«, for the administration of (internal) control systems for smallholder groups and companies with contract production, and »Ecert Basic« audit management for local certifiers.

    www.group-integrity.com www.ecert-basic.com

    • Germany
  • Dennes James-Kraan

    Co-founder Tabitha James Kraan, High Performance, Hair Organics

    Dennes was born in the Netherlands where he studied cognitive artificial intelligence as well as fine art at the Royal Academy.

    He moved to the UK in 1998, where he lives with his wife and two sons. After years of supporting his wife Tabitha’s organic hair salon, behind the scenes, he officially joined the company in a full time position in 2009, soon after which Tabitha and Dennes started creating what has now become Tabitha James kraan High Performance Hair Organics, a Soil Association certified, professional haircare range, made in Britain. As a gifted researcher, Dennes has acquired a vast amount of knowledge on ingredients, sustainability & formulating cosmetics in the past 10 years and is looking forward to share his knowledge and be part of the ongoing discussion on improving sustainability.

    • United Kingdom
  • Tabitha James-Kraan

    Founder & CEO Tabitha James-Kraan - High Performance . Hair Organics

    I was born into an “Organic” home, when organic just meant growing your own pesticide free vegetables and rearing livestock, a big change from the 21st Century!

    From a young age all I wanted to be was a hair artist. Determined to be the best, I fully immersed myself into training with the brightest talents of the time, most notably Vidal Sassoon and neighbouring London academies, absorbing as much information as possible.

     I opened my first salon in 1993, setting out to create a salon with a city feel that catered for the needs of the entrepreneurs and pioneers living in the area.  I did this with the help of the Princes youth business trust; they were a wonderful support towards getting my ideas of the ground.

    In 1999 Tabitha James Kraan brand underwent a complete reinvention. From salon hair care, to recyclable and sustainable hardware, I remodelled my practices to reflect my new outlook.

    • United Kingdom
  • Dr Frédérique Lafosse

    Head of Strategic Projects - Active Beauty Givaudan

    Frédérique Lafosse is graduated from the University of Burgundy/AgroSup, France, with a PhD in biotechnology. She began her career at Roure, leading new biotechnology research to develop bio-sourced fragrance materials. She then founded a biotech start-up BFA Laboratoires, specialized in natural flavors and that integrated Limagrain French group. She continued her career in fragrances and flavours, helding technical, sales and management positions at global companies such as BBA, IFF, Quest and Givaudan. Frédérique Lafosse was lately the head of Soliance, a French bio-sourced company that was acquired by Givaudan in 2014. Today, she leads strategics projects for Active Beauty, the cosmetic branch of Givaudan


    • France
  • Valérie Lemaire

    General Manager at ECOCERT GREENLIFE – France and Technical Coordinator & Board Member of COSMOS-standard AISBL - Belgium ECOCERT GREENLIFE and COSMOS-standard AISBL

    Engineer with PhD specialized in Agro-resources Chemistry. After having worked in the industry of raw materials for cosmetics, she joined ECOCERT in 2002 where she developed the certification of organic cosmetics.

    The ECOCERT organic cosmetics standard was the first one and is now recognized all over the world. By means of the NATURAL AND ORGANIC COSMETICS standards, Ecocert defines a requirement level that is superior to the conventional regulation governing cosmetics, thereby guaranteeing the genuine practice of environmental respect throughout the production line, the respect for the consumer and the promotion of natural substances of a superior ecological quality.

    Since 2009, she is the General Manager of ECOCERT GREENLIFE, the subsidiary dedicated to Ecoproducts certification (including Cosmetics, Cleaning Products, Home Fragrances, Textiles, SPAs, EcoPetCare) and Raw Materials validation.

    Valérie LEMAIRE has participated in numerous international conferences, and various working groups, in order to defend Organic Cosmetics and more generally Ecoproducts, to promote them and give them recognition from authorities.

    She is Board member and Technical Coordinator of the COSMOS-standard AISBL non-profit organisation located in Brussels of which ECOCERT is a founding member. She has worked on the harmonisation process of the various European existing standards, in the COSMOS group.
    Figures: more than 2700 companies certified over the world by ECOCERT Greenlife, which means more than 22000 certified products.

    ECOCERT’s aims are to valorize the ingredients resulting from Organic Farming and to promote the use of ingredients coming from agro-resources rather than petro-chemistry, in a way to ensure a better respect of the environment.

    ECOCERT Greenlife provides Cosmetics and Ecoproducts certification for customers present in over 76 countries around the world. The ECOCERT Group activity spreads over 130 countries and is internationally acknowledged for its activity on Organic Farming Certification.

    • France
  • Eduardo López-Dóriga

    Marketing & Sales Director Europe CQV Co., Ltd (from South Korea)

    Chemical Engineer at “Instituto Químico de Sarriá” (IQS), Barcelona (Spain).

    1 year working in the analytical laboratory of “Centro di Ricerca Termico e Nucleare, ENEL”, in Pisa (Italy).

    More than 22 years experience as Sales Manager in the company Cestisa, Spanish distributor of raw materials, specially focused on effect pigments.

    Since April 2016, Marketing & Sales Director Europe of CQV, South Korean innovative leader manufacturer of pearl effect pigments.

    Teacher about effect pigments in postgraduate of paint technology at IQS university and in other seminars. Member of “Sociedad Española de Químicos Cosméticos” (SEQC).

    On behalf of CQV, member of the board of directors of the Responsible Mica Initiative.

    Mr López-Dóriga borned Spain. 

    • Korea (Democratic Republic of)
  • Lucía Jiménez Silva

    Manager of standardization and environment STANPA (National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics)

    Lucía Jiménez is graduated in Biology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), with a Master’s Degree in Fitogenetics Resources from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM). She has more than eight years of experience as a technician in the environment and quality. In which she has carried out tasks of technical advice, training, and implementation of quality systems.

    Currently, she is the responsible for standardization and environment responsible for STANPA. She is a secretary of the committee CTN 84 “Essential oils & Cosmetics products” in Spanish Standardization Association (UNE) and as a chair of ISO/TC 54 “Essential oils”.

    Stanpa is the National Perfume and Cosmetics Association. Founded in 1952, we currently have more than 400-member companies that manufacture and distribute perfumes, cosmetics, and personal care products in Spain. More than 90% of the companies in the sector are members of our association.


    • Spain
  • Andrea Mitarotonda Ph.D. FRSC

    Chief Research & Innovation Officer Neal's Yard Remedies

    Dr. Andrea Mitarotonda is a Chartered Chemist and holds a PhD in Polymer & Colloid Chemistry, an MSc in Industrial & Applied Chemistry and a Diploma in Innovation Project Management.

    Since 1998 he has been covering roles in R&D, Innovation and Formulation Technology in multinational companies such as: Oriflame Cosmetics, Dow Corning, Lamberti Chemical Specialties, Intercos and 3M.

    He is currently Chief Scientific Officer at Neal’s Yard Remedies, based in Dorset, England.

    Neal’s Yard Remedies is a leading British manufacturer of natural and organic-certified cosmetic products covering “head-to-toe” applications.

    Andrea is Author and Co-Author of several publications on various subjects of Cosmetic Science including anti-ageing, natural preservation, polymers, rheology, emulsion technology, formulation technology, anti-cellulite and dry skin.

    He is a Member of the Scientific Committee of the British Society of Cosmetic Science (SCS), of the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Cosmetic Science and of the Scientific Advisory Board of H&PC Journal.

    Andrea is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and a Member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Phytocosmetic Science.

    Andrea’s research interests are mainly in dry skin, liquid crystals, colloidal and rheological properties of cosmetic products, sensory, microscopy, application of multivariate methods in formulation science, claim substantiation, technology scouting, natural & natural-derived ingredients, oleochemistry and innovation.

    When not working he enjoys family time and cooking & baking specialties of the Italian and Hungarian cuisine!

    • United Kingdom
  • Ana Belén Noriega Bravo

    Secretary General PEFC Spain

    Forestry Engineer, MBA in Project management, is since 2006 the Secretary General of PEFC Spain, Association to promote Sustainable Forest development through Forest Certification.

    He has a vast experience and knowledge in Sustainable Forest Development, responsible Supply Chains and Corporate Social Responsability that are in force, having worked for the Ministry of Environment of Spain as international forest policy adviser since 1999.

    During the years 2011 and 2012 has been the Head of the Liaison Unit Madrid, the Secretariat of the European Process "FOREST EUROPE" Ministerial Conference of Protection of Forests in Europe, led by the European Ministers, working among other issues on the new set of Pan European Criteria and Indicators for Forest Sustainability (Madrid, 2015).

    International sustainability forest policies occupies most all of her professional activity as an advisor of the Ministry of Environment in official institutions (European Council, UN, FAO, European Commission, UNEP, UN Conventions such as CBD, UNCCC, UN, or UNFF, OIT, etc.). Head of Liaison Unit of the Ministerial Conference of Protection of Forests in Europe (2013-2015). Member of several advisory groups for European Comission, UNECE Forest Communicators Network, Support of promotion of National Forest Certification in  South America.

    She began her professional career leading her own environmental consulting firm in the establishment and monitoring of health control and conservation networks in Protected natural areas and National Parks Network

    Ana Belén Noriega has several technical publications on health and conservation of forests very much appreciated in the sector

    • Spain
  • Dr Barbara Olioso

    Managing Director The Green Chemist Consultancy

    Dr Barbara Olioso is a doctor of chemistry from Venice University in Italy. She combines scientific background with a passion for botanicals and sustainability applied to cosmetics.

    She has been formulating natural and organic cosmetics since 1999, developing skincare and haircare for SMEs, and international spa brands. She also gives presentations and teaches about sustainability, natural preservation and Cosmos.

    She is on the Pure Beauty Awards Judging Panel and a university lecturer at Sunderland University.



    • United Kingdom
  • Olivier Paquatte

    Technical Development Group Cosmetic Safic-Alcan

    Olivier Paquatte graduated with a Ph.D. in Biophysics from University of Houston, Texas, USA and held various R&D positions in companies such as P&G, L’OREAL, RHODIA and GIVAUDAN.  He joined the French ingredient distributor LASERSON in 2005 as “Marketing and Application Director” and SAFIC-ALCAN  “Life Sciences Department” in 2014 where he is responsible for “Cosmetics Technical Development”  for the Group.


    • France
  • Emmanuel Petiot

    CEO Deinove

    Prior to joining Deinove in January 2013, Emmanuel PETIOT was Director of Sales at Novozymes North America Inc., the world leader in enzymes and microorganisms. For 9 years, he has had a successful career at this Danish industrial biotechnology leader, holding executive positions in marketing, sales and business development, both in Europe and the United States. He was also General Manager of the French subsidiary of Novozymes, covering European operations. Previously, he held senior marketing and sales positions at Dow Chemical (2000-2004) and Air Liquide (1996-2000). His job at DEINOVE is to make sure that the company strikes the right technology and commercial partnerships as well as further strengthens its R&D and Operational structures to accelerate industrialization and commercialization of its breakthrough bio-based solutions.

    Emmanuel PETIOT graduated from EDHEC Business School and the École Centrale de Paris (renowned engineering school).


    • France
  • Antoine Piccirilli

    R&D Manager OLVEA GROUP

    Graduated in organic chemistry and catalysis from the University of Poitiers, Antoine has been hired by Laboratoires Expanscience in 1997, a French company specialized in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics where he hold a position as researcher and as department manager in fine oleochemistry and vegetal extraction. After which he joined a joint venture L’Oréal-Nestlé (Innéov) to take in charge the development of nutritional ingredients dedicated to skin and hair care. In 2008, he moved to the green chemistry domain by joining successively Valagro Carbone Renouvelable as scientific director and in 2013 Biosynthis, a company developing biobased and sustainable oleochemical specialities for cosmetics and industry (volatile silicones substitutes, natural UV filters, …). Antoine is now in charge of the R&D department as Scientific Advisor of Olvea, a company specialized in vegetable and fish oils specialities for cosmetics, feed and food including nutraceuticals.

  • Rachel Rowntree

    Director of Marketing & Strategy Inovia International

    Working within the beauty & cosmetics industry I work with companies to analyse their product range, design sales & marketing strategies and then ensure they can implement them to achieve growth. I specialise in understanding the consumer and what makes them say yes at the point of purchase as well as knowing the retailer and their specific aims, then I bring them together to create successful brands.

    • United Kingdom
  • Dr Mark Smith

    Director General NATRUE

    Running of NATRUE, lead role in all political, regulatory and scientific affairs of the association - advocacy, research and label.

    Mark graduated with M.Chem (Hons.) degree in chemistry and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. between chemistry and genetics. Before joining NATRUE in June 2014, he extended his research career with two positions covering biotechnology (Leeds, UK) and the biomedical/pharmaceutical sector (Montréal, Canada). Mark is a British national who has more than five years' experience in Scientific Management, and during the last ten years, he has been involved in the successful coordination of strategic and collaborative interdisciplinary projects via academic departmental and international research. Mark became Director in July 2016.

    • Belgium
  • Jayn Sterland

    Managing Director Weleda UK

    Jayn Sterland is Managing Director of Weleda (UK & Ireland), the pioneering Biodynamic phyto-medicines and beauty brand founded by Rudolf Steiner in 1921. As the daughter of a farmer and a medical doctor, Jayn was brought up knowing beauty comes from within and she advocates the best beauty treatment is a healthy, holistic lifestyle and a ‘less is more’ approach to using products. Awarded No1 in U.K. Natural Beauty Personalities by the industry in 2016, and again in 2017 Jayn is a passionate speaker for honest, sustainable business practices where profit is the result, not the purpose.

    She sees her role as advocate and advisor 

    Skin health

    Causal link between skincare ingredients and skin conditions

    Holistic lifestyle 

    Daughter of a farmer and medical practitioner 

    A lifelong vegetarian

    As the daughter of a farmer and a medical doctor, Jayn was brought up knowing beauty comes from within and she advocates the best beauty treatment is a healthy, holistic lifestyle and a ‘less is more’ approach to using products.

    • United Kingdom