2019 Agenda

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Day 1 - Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Day 1 – Tuesday, 14 May 2019

  1. Registration and Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Francis Blake | Chief Advisor of COSMOS-standard AISBL


  1. Keynote Address: Join the Green and Natural Beauty Movement

    Alex Fisher | Associate Director of Beauty & Personal Care of Mintel

    • Where the Green and Natural Beauty industry stands globally
    • How does the European market looks like
    • Which are the key opportunities for the Green and Natural Beauty industry
  2. Redefining the Objective of Organic in Cosmetics

    Jan Kuśmirek | Director and NPD Consultant of Genera Consultancy ltd., Elemis & Fragrant Earth International

    • From ingredient growing methodology to activity in or on the human biome
    • How much organic raw materials are available
  3. Snapshot Panel Session: Insights and Measurements from Cosmetics Certification Bodies, Retailers and Brands

    Delivered by: Lush, BeautyMatter, Soil Association & WALA Heilmittel GmbH (Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics)

    This session includes a five minute presentation per each panellist followed by a Q&A with the audience.

    • How retailers and brands will capitalise on the growth of green cosmetics
    • The push for sustainable beauty – holistic perspectives

    Chaired by: Dr Barbara Olioso, Managing Director, The Green Chemist Consultancy, Italy

    Our panelists line-up include;

    • Gabbi Loedolff, Head Ethical Buyer's, Lush, UK
    • Georgia Barnes, Health and Beauty Business Development Manager, Soil Association Certification Ltd, UK
    • Sven Gehrig, Member of Cosmetics Safety and Information, WALA Heilmittel GmbH (Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics), Germany 
  4. Networking Break

  5. A joint presentation: What Will be the Next Drivers in Green & Clean Cosmetics?

    Featuring by: Trend Sourcing & BoostInnov (France)

    • Global picture, indie brands paradigm, new imagineries and positioning – from ingredients through packaging

    Our presenters include;

    • Pascale Brousse, Founder, Trend Sourcing, France 
    • Laurence Caisey, Founder & VIP Innovation, BoostInnov, France 


  1. Turning the World Green: How Biobased Ingredients Boost Sustainability

    Grant Mitchell | Research & Technology Manager - Personal Care of Croda

    • Global megatrends driving need to cut carbon emissions and increase sustainably sourced materials
    • Growing demand for sustainable, high performing materials
  2. Sourcing Beautifully: A Path to a Sustainable Impact of Ingredients and Sincere Consumer Experiences

    Colin Godefroy | International Raw Material Manager of L’Oréal Research and Innovation

    • A holistic and demanding approach to raw material design, sourcing and use to achieve an authentic and impactful consumer experience
    • Significant ingredient sourcing examples, remaining challenges and key levers will be detailed

    Our presenters include;

    • Colin Godefroy, International Raw Material Manager, Innovation Raw Materials Department, L’Oreal Research & Innovation, France 
    • Michel Philippe, Sustainable Innovation Manager for Raw Materials, L’Oreal, France 
  3. A New Era in Natural Cationic Surfactants

    Mark Evans | European Commercial Director of INOLEX

    • A brand new molecule in the personal care industry
    • Plant-derived (non-petrocemical and non-silicone derived)
    • Readily biodegradable
    • Proven efficacy in hair conditioning
  4. Networking Lunch

  5. Lush's Journey to Reach Beyond Sustainability Towards Regenerative Practices

    Gabbi Loedolff | Head Ethical Buyer's of Lush

  6. Sustainable Innovation for Enhanced Cosmetics

    Sébastien Duprat De Paule | Innovation Director of SEPPIC

    • Eco-design & development of new generations of cosmetic ingredients
    • How to measure sustainability all along Innovation & Development?
    • Up-to-date case studies in Seppic
  7. An interactive Wrap Up Q&A, Session 2

    Delivered by: Croda, L’Oreal, INOLEX, Lush and SEPPIC chaired by Francis Blake, Chief Advisor, COSMOS-standard AISBL, UK

    A Q&A with organisations including  Croda, L’Oreal, INOLEX, Lush and SEPPIC  & COSMOS-standard AISBL, UK


  1. The Dilemma of Luxury Brands – Bottles, Tubs or Cartons?

    Agnieszka Klimczak | Export Manager of CLOCHEE

    • Clochee approach to sustainable packaging and d2w application
    • The real packaging dilemma versus feeling of luxury and uniqueness  
  2. Networking Break

  3. An Innovative Approach to Packaging from TerraCycle

    • How TerraCycle and its brand partners innovates to create circular solutions for packaging: From setting up collection and recycling solutions for hard to recycle waste streams and helping brand partners using more recycled content in their packaging in the first place and creating "storied plastics", through cutting the need for single use plastics
  4. Sustainable Building Blocks for Cosmetics and Packaging

    Dr. Niels J. Schenk | Chief Technology Officer of BioBTX

    • New technology to produce aromatics from sustainable resources including biomass and waste plastics
    • Circular economy for the production of cosmetics and raw materials in packaging
    • 100% bio-based cosmetics box price winning showcase
  5. COSMOS Natural and Sustainable Beauty Packaging

    Emma Dawes | Technical Specialist of Soil Association Certification Ltd

    • Where is COSMOS at with packaging?
    • Recycling, over packaging and acceptable materials
    • Innovative examples of COSMOS certified beauty packaging
  6. Refill ∙ Repeat – a closed loop programme… How do you get retailers to focus on longer term sustainability rather than short term profit

    • Sustainable product design, powered by Cradle to Cradle thinking “What it takes to lead a sustainable transformation through design and how Cradle to Cradle certification supports this journey”
    • As Natural & Organic are no longer enough, what consumers want is true sustainability and how the power of looking backwards to design the future of what it means to be sustainable for both brands & retailers

    Our presenters include;

    • Jo Chidley, The 'Flounder', Beauty Kitchen, UK
    • A Senior representative, Holland & Barrett, UK 


  1. The Natural Narrative of Indie Beauty

    Charlotte Elizabeth Libby | Founder & CEO of XO Balm

    • Exploring the marketing strategies of Indie brands
    • Identifying the successes of different case studies and how they built a connection with their customers
  2. Chair’s Closing Remarks and Close of the Day One

    Francis Blake | Chief Advisor of COSMOS-standard AISBL

  3. Networking Drinks Reception

Day 2 - Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Day Two - Wednesday, 15 May 2019

  1. Registration and Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Jan Kuśmirek | Director and NPD Consultant of Genera Consultancy ltd., Elemis & Fragrant Earth International


  1. A Keynote Address from Lush: As the Cosmetics Industry, What Could Our Legacy Be?

    Rowena Bird | Co-founder & Product Inventor of Lush

    We are the first generation that knows they are destroying the planet.  Would not you rather be the first to know we are doing something about it? 

    • Environmental & social impact
    • Regenerative packaging
    • Considerations beyond product launches
    • Brand responsibilities and accountability
  2. Eco-sustainability: From Seed to Skin

    Alban Muller | President of Alban Muller

    • The process of growing and harvesting plants to carefully extracting actives to transforming them into safe and efficient natural cosmetics
  3. Opportunities at Origin: Challenging Ourselves to Step up on Traceability

    Heather Ducharme | Sustainable Assurance Manager of The Body Shop

    • Experiences from The Body Shop to develop bespoke traceability and sustainability solutions across their full portfolio of raw materials
    • Meaningful examples of both their successes and challenges in this area of work, calling on the cosmetic sector to drive towards open, collaborative, cross-sectoral supply chain models where we can all share the critical information needed to be truly sustainable


  1. Green Claims – How to Walk on the Gray Area?

    Dr Theresa Callaghan PhD | CEO & Owner of Callaghan Consulting International

    • A guide to developing green claims – balancing legislative requirements
    • Using claims criteria to help differentiate labels and product claims
    • Communicating to consumers in fast world - avoiding fake news
  2. Networking Break

  3. Workshop: A Guided Tour Through the Label-Jungle

    Delivered by: NATRUE & WALA Heilmittel GmbH (Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics)

    This session includes a short presentation per each presenter followed by a Q&A with the audience.

    • The pros and cons of communicating about standards - who runs them & the impact they have
    • Consumer awareness and understanding
    • On- versus off-pack labelling for additional information

    A case study: Understanding  global perspectives

    Our presenters include;

    • Dr. Mark Smith, Director General, NATRUE, Belgium
    • Sven Gehrig, Member of Cosmetics Safety and Information, WALA Heilmittel GmbH (Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics), Germany 
  4. Case study: Integrating Best-in-Class Certifications and Standards - How to Achieve Real Improvements in your Products

    Dr. Martijn Gipmans | Principal Consultant & Team Lead, Chemicals & Life Science sectors of thinkstep AG

    • The Cradle-to-Cradle certification scheme
    • The Product Environmental Footprint standard from the European Commission
    • A new approach to assess the sustainability of cosmetic ingredients based on guidance from the World Business council for Sustainable Development
  5. A joint presentation: Eco-friendly Labels in Cosmetics – Is Still a Hot Topic?

    Featuring by: Made for Life Organics, UK & Pierre Fabre Group, France

    This session includes a short presentation per each presenter followed by a Q&A with the audience

    • The first ERI 360 ingredient labelled based on the Green Native Expression process
    • Opportunities and challenges in what is already a very crowded label market
    • Consumers’ perception of eco-labels in cosmetics

    Our presenters include;

    • Amanda Barlow Winwood, Founder, Made for Life Organics, UK
    • Nathalie Calvel, Botanical Expertise, Project manager, Pierre Fabre Group, France
  6. Networking Lunch


  1. Redefining Sustainability for Natural Mica

    Erin M. Turner | Marketing Manager, Effect Pigments, Cosmetics of Colors & Effects, A brand of BASF

    • From beauty consumers to influencers to brands, we explore the facets of “sustainability” to create new value for our customers


  1. Panel Discussion: The Possibilities of Natural Fragrance Beyond Essential Oils

    Delivered by: Genera, Elemis & Fragrant Earth International, Firmenich Perfumery Division & Alban Muller

    This session includes a short presentation per each presenter followed by a Q&A with the audience

    Exploring the diversity of ingredients used by natural perfumers
    Other natural essences
    New trends & challenges, and opportunities


    Chaired by: Jan Kuśmirek, Genera Consultancy ltd., Elemis & Fragrant Earth International, UK

    Our panelists line-up include;

    • Juliette Sicot-Crevet, VP Business Development Naturals & Sustainability, Firmenich Perfumery Division, Germany
    • Shirley Routley, CEO, Fragrant Earth International, UK
    • Alban Muller, President, Alban Muller, France 
  2. What a Tree Can Do – Innovation and Biotechnology as Enablers for Future Products

    Kirsi Seppäläinen | VP, Strategic Projects of Stora Enso, Biomaterials Division

    • A vision of replacing raw materials with Microfibrillated cellulose in natural personal care and cosmetics products – from renewable materials through to packaging
    • Future demand of renewable raw materials – how to guarantee sustainable supply?
    • Case study: Future biorefinery
  3. Chair’s Closing Remarks and Close of the Day Two

    Jan Kuśmirek | Director and NPD Consultant of Genera Consultancy ltd., Elemis & Fragrant Earth International

  4. End of the Conference