2020 Agenda

Day One - Wednesday 6 May

Day One - Wednesday, 6 May 2020

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

    Jan Kuśmirek | Director and NPD Consultant of Genera Consultancy Ltd., Elemis & Fragrant Earth International, UK


  1. Keynote address

    Nick Vaus | Partner and Creative Director of Free The Bird, UK

Panel session: drivers for future trends in natural and sustainable cosmetics

This session includes a 15 minute presentation per panellist followed by a Q&A with the audience

  1. What consumers want - how do certifications meet the environmentally sustainable demands of the conscious consumer?

    Georgia Barnes | Senior Business Development Manager of Soil Association Certification, UK

    • Consumer research - sustainability and organic
    • Wellbeing and environmental - trends report overview
    • Certification and the role it plays for "generation woke"
  2. Turning the tide: The rise of blue beauty and the transparency pursuit

    Emma Thornton | Founder and Owner of True Skincare, UK

    • What is "Blue Beauty"
    • How does it benefit; the consumer, the environment, the brand
    • Defining "transparency" and how to cut through an opaque industry to inspire and educate
  3. Sustainable strategies for selling skincare

    Amanda Winwood | Founder of Made for Life Organics

    • How do you engage with a diverse and conscientious consumer?
    • How have purchasing patterns changed and how do you adapt?
    • How do you lead from the front in terms of changing buying patterns?
  4. Research and innovation on natural products: from Athens labs to Tokyo market

    Dr. Sophia Letsiou | Research and Efficacy Manager, R&D of APIVITA, Greece

    • APIVITA's philosophy and inspirations (intro to APIVITA's world, bees and organic greek nature)
    • Science behind the products (innovation, patents, research projects)
    • Trends and International presence of APIVITA
  5. Networking break


  1. Take the natural next step with Lubrizol Life Science

    Mathilde Omnès | Global Sustainability Manager of Lubrizol Life Science, France

    • Consumer & Market Insights
    • In house nature based platforms
    • Strategic acquisitions
    • Proprietary alliances
  2. New generation of plant biomimetic lipids

    Oscar Exposito | CEO and Co-founder of Vytrus Biotech, S.L

  3. Sustainable Palm Oil: a resource for the cosmetic industry to achieve environmental and social goals

    Francesca Morgante | Market Development Manager Europe of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, Italy

    • how the beauty sector is becoming more aware of sustainability issues
    • what is sustainable palm oil
    • which is the role of RSPO
    • how RSPO members can contribute to improve environmental and socio-economic conditions of farmers worldwide
    • best practices of the beauty industry
  4. Phytochemistry: science for cosmetic actives

    Amit Tewari | Group Leader - Phytochemical Ingredient Science of L’OREAL Research & Innovation, France

  5. An interactive wrap up Q&A with Lubrizol Life Science, Vytrus Biotech, RSPO and L’Oreal. Chaired by Croda

  6. Networking lunch


  1. Could your greatest competitor become your greatest collaborator? How Beauty Kitchen & Unilever made small changes for big impact

    Jo Chidley | Co-Founder of Beauty Kitchen, UK

    • Thinking differently about the way we do business making collaboration over competition
    • Resolving single-use packaging, not single-use plastic!
    • How we changed the way we interact within our industry
    • Assessing refillable and reusable packaging solutions
  2. Transforming your business towards a sustainable future

    Philippe Blank | Head of Innovation and Sustainability of Henkel Beauty Care, Germany

    • Henkel's sustainable product and packaging strategy
    • Engage with partnerships - The Plastic Bank success story
    • How to reflect a systemic industry shift within your organization
  3. Sustainability and experience trends driving future packaging of cosmetics

    Chris Baudry | Sales Director, Brand Owners of Metsä Board, Finland

    • Sustainability and experience are strong consumer trends
    • Many consumers are willing to spend more with brands that support causes they care about
    • Recyclable and renewable materials and informing consumers about them is getting more and more important
    • High quality materials allow impressive packaging design to support a positive consumer experience
  4. Ecovaganza: 10 best ways to create sustainable and luxurious packaging for an ultimate brand experience

    Jakob Kaikkis | Managing Partner of Seismografics, Germany

  5. An interactive wrap up Q&A with The Green Chemist Consultancy, Henkel Beauty Care, Metsä Board and Seismografics. chaired by: Mark Evans, European Commercial Director, INOLUX

  6. Networking break


Interactive panel discussion

This session includes a 15 minute presentation per each panellist followed by a Q&A with the audience

  1. Fragrance materials and green credentials

    Jan Kuśmirek | Director and NPD Consultant of Genera Consultancy Ltd., Elemis & Fragrant Earth International, UK

    •             The role of fragrance
    •             Consumer demands and concerns
    •             Natural versus Synthetic - advantages & disadvantages
    •             Definitions – brand integrity
    •             Viability of starting materials
    •             Land usage, fermentation and novel materials

  2. Sana Jardin - Bringing social consciousness and luxury in the fragrance world

    Rolando Stefanos Zabban | Managing Director/COO of Sana Jardin, UK

  3. Topic to be confirmed

    Michelle Feeney | Founder of Floral Street, UK

  4. Chair's closing remarks and close of day one

    Jan Kuśmirek | Director and NPD Consultant of Genera Consultancy Ltd., Elemis & Fragrant Earth International, UK

  5. Networking drinks reception

Day Two - Thursday 7 May

Day Two - Thursday, 7 May

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks


  1. Keynote address

    Povilas Sugintas | Consultant of Euromonitor International, Lithuania

  2. Molecular based security: How DNA technology combined with digital-blockchain is delivering real supply chain transparency

    Dr. Barbara Brockway | Director of Barbara Brockway Consulting, UK

    • Auditors' nightmares and the validity of claiming 100% supply chain transparency
    • Applying DNA's remarkable natural code carrying properties to solve real world problems
    • Blockchain the basics and how it can secure digital documents
  3. When natural and sustainable beauty activism leads to excellence for consumers and planet

    Alexandra Jeanneau | Technical Information and Scientific Communication Manager of Alban Muller - L’Expert du Naturel, France

  4. Networking break

  5. Sustainability and responsibility: a Clariant case study

    Sergio Manzano | Business Development Naturals of Clariant, Switzerland

  6. Fruit stones and coffee grounds: beauty from upcycled ingredients

    Anna Brightman | Co-Founder of UpCircle Beauty, UK

    • Consumers are moving to a more minimal approach, opting for high-quality, high-performing products. This leads to a less-is-more mindset, creating less waste, reusing and upcycling wherever possible.
    • Businesses that help with waste-free routines by using upcycling and recycling concepts cement themselves in a strong, trusting relationship with target customers, who will look to brands for guidance and assistance.
    • Vegan, cruelty-free, natural, organic – these are now entry level requirements. So, is “Circular Skincare” the next step?
  7. How can the cosmetics industry move towards a circular economy?

    Lee Mann | Global Community Trade Manager of The Body Shop, UK

  8. Networking lunch


  1. Brand integrity – the unwritten ‘standard’ the consumer uses

    Mark Evans | European Commercial Director of INOLEX, UK

    • Does Green Washing still exist?
    • The concept of natural definitions is a good thing!
    • Bad brand integrity damages us all as an industry
    • Will someone think of the consumer for once
  2. Title to be confirmed

    Neil Watson | Founder of Neil Watson Consultancy, UK

  3. Trust and sustainability

    Emma Dawes | Technical Committee of COSMOS and Soil Association Certification Ltd, UK

    • evolving consumer expectations and understanding
    • priorities for the development of the COSMOS-standard
    • update on sustainable packaging
  4. The need for a sustainability standard

    Sven Gehrig | Cosmetic Safety and Information of Wala Heilmittel GmbH (Dr. Hauschka), Germany

  5. Panel discussion and Q&A

  6. Chair's closing remarks

  7. End of the conference